Poem: Squeezing the Thighs of Summer


Summer straddles the Earth again

And rubs her heavenly crotch against us

Vault forth into The Jade Palace

And conquer The Pearly Knight

Dragons fight in the mid-day sky

And knock eachother’s teeth out

Twig-men made out of branches

Form networks of organic tapestry

Between interstices and micro-environments

Worlds are made from vapour trails

A whole universe comes into being

From one sole god’s thoughtful fart

A miasma of floral scents

Becomes an ethereal infusion

A metaphysical teapot

Brewing the world into being

I take a journey down an anthill

And turn myself into a caterpillar

So that the whole wretched colony

Can be nourished on my body fat

Squeeze the thighs of summer

And revel in her invisible skin

A sun under every armpit

Rainbows dripping from her nipples

I love my lady Summer

I disappear inside her every pore

Her breasts will be the mountains I climb

To get to Heaven’s door


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