Poem: A Tornado of Swallows Against an Aching Skyline


Introduction: This poem is a fantasticalization of something that transpired yesterday, when I went to the park, and had a whole flock of swallows start dancing around me. If anybody has had a similar experience, I would love to hear about it!

In the park on a peaceful Sunday

A Tornado of Swallows surrounds me

The iridescent dark blue of their speeding plumage

Flashes like dark-matter lightning

They pick me up in unison

And elevate me to the clouds

Force-feeding me rice and milk

So that I can enter the Chamber of Immortals

Oh, Swallows

Why do you surround me so?

Cutting up the sky

Into so many infinity symbols

So that it can’t help but fall apart?

For a magical ten minutes

I felt like a god

A pagan sorcerer

Enveloped by familiars:

The Artificers of all my Shapeshifting

But then they all evanesced

Back into the Cloud Chamber

Following their erratic flight-paths

Wherever they might lead them

Whilst you and I

Stay Inside

And share an ancient cup of tea

At the bottom

of an aching skyline


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