Poem: A Tornado of Swallows Against an Aching Skyline


Introduction: This poem is a fantasticalization of something that transpired yesterday, when I went to the park, and had a whole flock of swallows start dancing around me. If anybody has had a similar experience, I would love to hear about it!

In the park on a peaceful Sunday

A Tornado of Swallows surrounds me

The iridescent dark blue of their speeding plumage

Flashes like dark-matter lightning

They pick me up in unison

And elevate me to the clouds

Force-feeding me rice and milk

So that I can enter the Chamber of Immortals

Oh, Swallows

Why do you surround me so?

Cutting up the sky

Into so many infinity symbols

So that it┬ácan’t help but fall apart?

For a magical ten minutes

I felt like a god

A pagan sorcerer

Enveloped by familiars:

The Artificers of all my Shapeshifting

But then they all evanesced

Back into the Cloud Chamber

Following their erratic flight-paths

Wherever they might lead them

Whilst you and I

Stay Inside

And share an ancient cup of tea

At the bottom

of an aching skyline


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