Dream Diary: Three Death Dreams


Lots of strange dreams last night, all centering around Death and Transformation.

Dream 1:

I am living with one of my best friends, with his large family, in an enormous house. Domestically, everything seems harmonious enough. I speak to his Mother-in-Law who offers me her cat, which both smells like and resembles a freshly-baked cake. In spite of all this seeming normality, I know that, at the end of the day, my friend is going to take me out to a secret island, along with three other Masters of villainous pedigree, and have us all fight to the death. I do not know why he is intent on doing this, as we otherwise seem to be on very good terms. I try and take it all in my stride, but the thought of possibly dying disturbs me deeply.

Dream 2:

As a sort of detour from this earlier dream, I take a walk around the local town, which is very much past its heyday; most of the old classic hot-spots have been replaced by factories and mechanics. One place still in existence, though, is a bar/club called ‘The Secret Life.’ I go inside, and admire a cabinet filled with various items used for divination: tarot cards and crystals. A young boy comes up to me, and asks me to explain their meaning. He quickly metamorphoses into a young Asian woman, who proceeds to dance around me in an exotic and ridiculous fashion. I become aware that she is actually strangling me with her sash, and that this is part of some peculiar spell. There is a sudden flash-forward, and I find myself as the driver of a double-decker bus. She has taken possession of me, and directs me to crash the bus, killing almost everyone onboard. This results in a battalion of ghosts. We are all quite happy to be dead, and understand that we have a mission to fulfill.

Dream 3:

I take a trip to a large, corporate building, as I have been told there is a special library on the top floor, which houses a rare book on Transgender Sexuality. After travelling through various board rooms, offices, and lesser libraries, I reach the penultimate floor. The only way this top library can be accessed is via a completely vertical staircase. I try gripping onto it, but the handles begin to fall apart, and I realize there is no floor beneath this climbing area. A group of girls who are with me climb up with ease, and find my fear of heights both whimsical and absurd. Later on, whilst at a party, watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I meet a man who has stabbed various knives through his arms as sort of masochistic fashion statement.


Poem: Venus in Retrograde

CGI IMAGE: MERCURY Magnetoshere. The magnetic field of Mercury is too weak to protect it from the full force of the sun. It has a magnetic field, which means that part of its core is molten. The Solar Wind buffets MercuryÕs thin atmosphere.  In the process, it puts on a spectacular light show. Sodium atoms give off the yellow light. (Photo Credit: ©  Hive Studios)

Disillusioned and dismayed

Venus in Retrograde

I am lacking in clarity

But I can see clearly enough

To see that nothing is clear

The Sun and Moon interchange

Like thugs getting upset

Over some lost parlor game

With everything as it is

How can I escape

This perpetual stalemate?

But the House Martins are still happy

So why shouldn’t I be?

Poem: Reaching the Great Headwaters

Lao Tzu

I want to see the world as it was

Before anybody determined

What is was to be

I want to see what a human was

Before anybody created notions of humanity

I want to know peace and harmony

As they were

Before anybody felt so distant from them

They needed to define them as words

In order to lure them back

I want the past to mingle with my present

For the primal to subsume

All that has deviated from it

Few lines are as holy as this:

“All things reverse,


And reach the great headwaters.”

To return to state without error:

That is ultimately what we all

Really need