Poem: What I Did Today

Mad scientist

Today I tried to make a conversation
But it wasn’t very good
My words just would not stick together
And my partner wasn’t in the mood

Today I tried to make some love
With my mail order chemistry set
I think it’s something between sodium and ice cream
But I haven’t isolated the core compounds yet

Today I tried to make a break for it
After the military surrounded my house
I broke the law, by taking in the vain
The name of Mickey Mouse

Today I tried to make up for all the things
That I know I’ve done wrong
But I got distracted half way through
And instead wrote this song.

Silent Song of Space


I thought I was happy in the city
Surrounded by colorful people
And riotous abandon
But then I got off the train
Intoxicated by clean air
And a street so empty
All I can hear is my own
Vacant humming
“Pure calm is the norm under heaven”
Said Lao Tzu
And for all the din humanity makes
It cannot compete
With the silent song of space

Poem: Bathing in the Moon


The Moon is my teacher
But where is she in the human body?
In every cell, a crystal,
A tiny micro-filament
Attuned to her lunar flux
You do not need a shuttle to go to her;
You can make her come to you
All her history, she will tell you
You just have to sit down, listen
And close your eyes.

Poem: Birthday in the Marsh

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cakes –
Who needs them?
Just sculpt yourself a sky
From a wet pond
Fragrant blossoms arrest my ears
You will find me in the marsh
Where the heron forgot to fly

Poem: Under The Old Oak Tree

Oak Tree

Weeping under an old Oak Tree
Acorns in the cow shit
I feel a sadness
Beyond the clouds and wind
Just a bit of lunar madness
To keep transformation rolling on

I have a buoyant mind
And a buoyant heart
I will get beyond this
Just treacle in the dust

Poem: The Waiting Room


What is the best way to wait?
Alert and fixated
Gentle and obsessive
All the predators have toothache
They want to chew
Some people to pieces
But their cavities deny them
stuck in a moldering waiting room
With only ever-ripening magazines
To scream at

The Science of Spirituality


Spirituality and mysticism are generally regarded by modern thinkers as being backwards and ‘unscientific.’ And yet, it should be understood, that spirituality was the very first science.

Pythagoras – considered by many to be the father of mathematics and music – was a deeply mystical person, who believed in the inherent oneness of all things. All of the Grecian philosophers who have so heavily influenced the tenor of Western thinking, were all deeply religious people, often members of spiritual Mystery Schools.

Taoism was the scientific system of ancient China. Martial arts, calligraphy, poetry, art, craftsmanship, mathematics, herbology, medicine, and many other inventions we take for granted simply would not exist in the forms we know them today without it.

If we go back even further, to our hunter-gatherer roots, shamanism and animism were the prevailing world views. And yet, if we were to place their wisdom against our own biologists, we would find them to have a knowledge of botany and animals that would rival that of many naturalists and botanical experts.

Even if we were to take many of the modern scientists who have become the demi-gods of our time, we find that many of them were alchemists – like Isaac Newton  – or were members of Freemasonry, a secret tradition that has kept alive rituals and esoteric knowledge almost unchanged since the dawn of man. David Bohm, and other Quantum Physicists, were deeply influenced by dialogues they shared with the Dalai Lama, Krishnamurti, and other Eastern mystics.

Science did not exist in spite of spirituality – spirituality is science.

We cannot expect to have a fully comprehensive view of the universe and ourselves until the two are re-united.