Poem: The Buddha and the Crab Carcass


I am hideously angry with you now
A wretched crab
Hiding yourself in a shell of cowardice
As though that would make life
Any kinder to you
Honesty is a fruit
Your bough
Forgot to bear
This autumn
Rending the stained glass windows
As the serial killer’s eyes
Pierce through the church
My reflection beating back
My tyrannous face
These unkind, obsessional states
Darkness invades the peripheries
But it will not command the center
And while I might momentarily
Find myself impaled on my own teachings
I will wake in the morning
A fresh shining Buddha
Rising from a grave
Of dew and cruelty
I’ll wipe the bitterness from me
Like an opaque night terror
And greet the sunshine
With a stainless smile
For what would my purity be
If it weren’t embittered once in a while?


Poem: Unsatisfying Dialogues


I hate to be estranged from you
To be treated as a stranger
With defensive formality
When we should be cleaving to one another
Wearing masks and armor
We issue lies to one another
Through carefully hewn slits
We might as well
Drag our lawyers into the situation
So that they can do the lying for us
When did we become so false?
But I am still naked underneath
And I want you to take off
The fearful garb that is oppressing you
So that we can invest in light once again.

Poem: The Mushrooms Under The Rowan Tree

Mush rooms

Consciousness dismantled
Awareness fragmented
It’s hard to cling to the rocks
When the tide of your mind
Is in reverse
Seeking jewels in the dark
You have to undergo
Countless transformations
And countless impalations
Before it’s time
To be torn together anew
The mushrooms that grow under The Rowan Tree
Grow for me
So I’ll gladly accept the poison
As my final remedy

Taoist Phrasebook: Martial Refining


The phrases used in Taoist literature can often seem very recondite and abstruse, if not nonsensical. But these strange, mysterious phrases are very useful, for they teach us to think symbolically. And once we’ve mastered that, we can go beyond thinking all together to a higher state of being. I will do a series of posts of important phrases for you to ponder over, which I hope will help you in your own meditation practice, and commitment to refining your mind.

MARTIAL REFINING: The term is all about keeping the mind pristine, and refusing to allow to be corrupted by negative influences, either externally or internally. Once we have achieved calm and stability through practice and cultivation, often all it takes is one tiny negative thought or occurrence to dislodge our harmony,and send up back to imbalance, making us vulnerable to stress and delusion. But, through Martial Refining, like a warrior, our spirit is always alert and on guard. As soon as we notice the slightest inkling of vulnerability within us, where a negative thought or state could possibly arise, we go straight to it; patching up the spot, forcibly killing the negative thought, and possibly replacing it with its opposite. With something as sacred as the pristine mind,  we cannot be so foolhardy as to leave it open for attack, anymore than we would leave a priceless jewel in open display, or neglect to lock the doors of an expensive car. Stay receptive to the truth; slaughter untruth – then your purity of mind will be safer than any bank vault.

Poem: Swallowing Darkness


Every evening it comes again

And insists on tearing me to pieces

Who can hide from invisible jaws

The come dripping from the Moon’s milk?

When in pain

The only sincere thing

Is to be in pain

And look the raven right in the eye

Before he eats your own

Poem: Heaven’s Skirts


Every now and then

Heaven rearranges her skirts

So that you can catch a glimpse

Of the goods inside

Why wait for her ephemeral benevolence?

Crawl up her legs yourself

And perish in The Golden Valley

Poem: The Heart of the Matter


What good is it loving specific people

When you hate everyone else?

Let your heart be the continuum

Through which you filter every experience

Love without object

And Unity will annihilate all distinctions

Poem: Ashes of Truth


Drifting through life, lazily

Like a leaf

Fallen in the river

Only when you have set aflame to

All that you believed or thought

Of yourself and the world

Are you ready to inhale

The ashes of truth