Tao Te Ching Commentary: Filled with Desire – Perceive Manifestation


“Filled with desire: perceive manifestation”

So, as expounded in the previous commentary, we can see that when we are filled with desire, we will be blocked from the truth, and the gateway to reality will be closed. Because we are filled with desire, our consciousness is skewed, and all that we see are manifestations – projections of our desires, super-imposed over, and distorting reality – fantasies and delusions that we will cease to perceive, as soon as we stop wishing for them. As fear is also a type of desire – because we’re always afraid of losing what we have, or not getting what we want – nightmares, paranoias, phobias, and neuroses are also expressions of this mechanism.

To put it another way, our minds are like movie projectors, and our lives are like the movie. Whatever we put into or store in our minds, determines what we experience. If you fill your mind with horror and violence, then you will perceive and experience horror and violence. If you fill your mind with compassion and peace, then you will experience compassion and peace. The true followers of The Way seek to remove all artificial constructs from their minds, so that their lives will be free of false manifestations. Unobstructed and clear, with no artificiality to distort nature, they perceive the world as exactly as it is.


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