So my legs won’t walk –

What matter!

And my joints won’t join –

What matter!

And my lungs won’t fill –

What matter!

And my brain won’t talk –

What matter!

And my lungs won’t fill –

What matter!

And my chest won’t heave –

What matter!

And you won’t be able

To tell my bones

From the soil they’ve become –

What matter!

Always walking upon people’s bones

It’s become the earth we walk on

Having no matter –

Is that what matters?

My voice will no longer speak

My arms no longer swing

And I will never sing

Another syllable

Or another song

But I will still be the embrace

Of time and space

Hugging everything that lives

And everything that does not

Why feel sad about the touchless tomorrow?

My ashes will be my only haircut



  1. Yes, and I’m not very sure about my ashes. To be honest I fancy a churchyard and a coffin. It’s a restful image in my mind’s eye. Such poetry helps to put my shoulder to the plough, the weight of the cross, the call to live as Christ, all these are tremendous burdens. My faith has made me take a sober look at life- I laugh and joke, but faith is weighty, if properly perceived. It is, better to lived tuned to the creative energies than live desperate for crumbs. Some in Christ regard a mystical outlook as aberrant to good conduct. But the show of consumerism which is almost directly opposite that in some TV evangelists you long for a Christian Saint to come like St Francis, poor and devout to bring a healing delight in simplicity. These paired qualities are not unlike Plato’s writing’s, but his idea of forms – the dualism I find confusing and unhelpful. All is a oneness, now as in death, the connection with the prime force, the benevolent sun, the inner way of sharing is most profound, yes. The most significant relationship a man has is with his son (or mother/daughter). Let us be the blessed adopted Children of God.

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    • It’s funny – I don’t feel like a child. I certainly have the sensitivity and vulnerability of a child, but I do not feel like one; I feel like A father or an uncle to all things, desperate to provide warmth and salvation to all things. Like I said, I’ve had a lot of intense experiences this week. More poetry is on the way which will adequately explain these feelings. But, I look forward to sharing them with you. I agree that faith is a weight thing – and it has to be, to keep you grounded, and not flying off the handle. We can only be light if we have the fundamental weightiness keeping us grounded. There is a verse in the Tao Te Ching on this. Many blessings, my brother.


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