Poem: Love Without Body Parts


I’ve realized why love is so powerful –

It has nothing to do with me!

I’ve realized with love is so great –

It has nothing to do with you!

Just sharing a room with you

Makes me happy

Like a parent selflessly doting

On their child

Take me to all the rooms –

I’ll sit in everyone with you

I’ll share in everyone with you

You are my goddess

And I was born

Just to worship you

You are so lovely

Like a cascade of vines

An embryonic child

Rising into life

Put your third eye against mine

I want to lie in bed with you

And have you fall asleep on my chest

It doesn’t matter whose child you were

You are my child now

Crazy Reuben dances through life

Smashing skulls

And beating brains

Don’t you want

A thighbone trumpet

To call you dog home?

But you are so lovely

My secret goddess

Amnesiac to

Her own divinity

What do you make

Of this fiendish jester

Who follows you

Like a dog –

Isn’t he you?

Isn’t he you?

Lie down on the battlefield

I’ll let my body be

A pincushion for lead

If you’ll just carry me away

Carry my splattered body parts

Off to A&E

It doesn’t matter at all

If your feelings ever mirror my own

I love your spirit

And your spirit does things

You do not know

We are all love enough

Without firing guns at one another

Thinking with the safety off

Who ever read such moosh?


2 thoughts on “Poem: Love Without Body Parts

  1. Thank you for reading, my friend. The meaning is quite plain to me – to me, it’s a logical conclusion to the ‘past-life love songs’ I’ve been posting these last few days. I was rather pleased with this one, but each to their own!


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