Poem: Ghost of the Ever-Living


I feel your soul in mine

More and more

Assimilating more each day

Becoming you more each day

Take my body:

It’s yours now

You can wear it

Whenever you want to

I’m sat here

Watching a South Korean film

Do you even know you’re here?

Do you even know you’re holding me?

Our beings are just so many aggregates –

We’re not aware of what we’re doing

Most of the time

My chest is your residence

My heart is your home

How long will it take our bodies

To catch up with

What our souls already know?

I want nothing from you –

Just to give you back

Your eternal face

My chakras are shifting wheels

Of the Ocean’s Fire

I love you, sweet thing

I look at myself and ask

If I look like someone you could love

You loved me once –

Could you love me again?

Different body – same soul

I miss not knowing you

I miss the symbol you’ve become

It all flows perfectly

Through the chambers of my heart

If I just don’t try to analyze it

Where are you now?

What are you doing?

What would you do

If you knew

How much you’ve changed me

Without doing a thing?

You are my greatest gift

But then,

You always did have that effect

I seem to learn the most from you

In times spent apart from you

It’s funny how someone can change your life

Without doing a single thing

Being in love does not matter –

It’s what you do with that love that counts

How do you let it transform you?

How do you let it complete you?

Defeat you?

Conquer you?

My ghost of the still-living

My ghost of the ever-living


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