Tao Te Ching Teachings: Entering Voidness


“A fathomless abyss!

It seems to be the source

Of All Things”

Being infinitely deep, dark, and ever-expanding, Tao cannot be comprehended through seeing it, but through being it. In order to approach the mysterious, we must become mysterious, penetrating the formless mystery within ourselves. In order to experience its bottomless depth, we must be willing to face our own bottomless depth. We cannot look for Tao outside of ourselves – though its manifestations are everywhere, it is more fulfilling to look within.

Because of this, the Taoist is like a fearless explorer, a psychonaut, following an invisible map, with a nameless destination. To cognize that boundless expanse, we must realize the boundless expanse of our minds. It is not work for the weak-hearted. It necessitates the willingness to leave behind everything you have ever known, loved, or believed to be real. With no baggage or encumbrances to inhibit, we throw ourselves ruthlessly into the abyss, prepared to face the darkest hells, the most supernal heavens, and a cornucopia of planes that couldn’t rightly be categorized as anywhere at all. It is a journey to the heart of radiant nothingness itself.

This is why Taoism is essentially without doctrine. A doctrine would be an encumbrance, an attachment –just another piece of baggage we must unlearn before we throw ourselves into the void. Let go of the beliefs you think sustain you, and you’ll find the force that sustains us all.


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