Astral Travel Part 2: UFOs, Dragons, and Tongues


At one point in my travels, I decided to turn myself into a spaceship. This made me think about the UFO phenomenon. UFOs, whilst having many shapes and types, are usually described as being silent; capable of aerodynamically impossible manoeuvres; moving at incredible speeds; and have the ability to pass between dimensions.

The reason UFOs are able to thwart aerodynamic laws is because they do not operate on aerodynamic principles, but instead, on quantum-holographic principles. UFOs are created by the minds of their inhabitants, and driven by the minds of their inhabitants. The majority of extra-terrestrials are very psychically and spiritually accomplished beings – to think of them only on a physical, earthly level is very ignorant indeed.

I also changed my form into that of a dragon. I could feel myself shifting through the dark avenues of existence, thunder and lightning booming and exploding in time with the contortions of my body.

Towards the end of the meditation, I began to chant spontaneously for about half an hour. The chants sounded as though they were shifting between Chinese, Tibetan, Native American, and a mixture of other languages I wouldn’t be able to place. They kept shifting and changing before settling into a mantra that went:


As I chanted this mantra, I felt merged with the deep serenity of the void. The way the mantra kept shifting taught me something about the nature of sound geometry. The language was completely unimportant – rather, it was the way in which I shaped the sound that was most important, vigorously latching it onto the patterns of reality.

2 thoughts on “Astral Travel Part 2: UFOs, Dragons, and Tongues

  1. My experiences during an “episode of illness” when I was able to converse inwardly with beings leads me to suppose such presences exist. I feel there is more yet to unfold, and those of us given to these things are part of a cosmic plan to lead to greater involvement with them. The experience was at times overwhelming, but I managed to keep myself reasonably together, aware I was aiding mankind in a profound and privileged way. Given our current problems with planet earth, I long for some kind of cosmic intergration with such advanced intelligence that we may avoid disaster. I was in all these instances a volunteer. I believe the examination was designed to test my emotional self. It could be a deception aimed at my own despair by a hellish plot, but I can see the relationship I enjoined was multiple and diverse.

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  2. These intelligences are with us all the time, and are willing to come to us whenever we call them. This planet is already receiving a huge amount of assistance – people just need to make themselves more open and receptive to the cosmic energy with which this planet is being continually flooded. One of the greatest evils of are planet is that our health care systems pathologize spirituality. Thus, many who are being reached, not finding themselves within a paradigm that can openly embrace their experiences, are instead deceived into thinking they are mentally ill.


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