There is a being

Chaotic and confusing

Yet complete and all-embracing

Predating the birth

Of both Heaven or Earth

A silent harmonious tranquillity!

A vast and formless void!

Standing alone changelessly

Its actions pervading the cosmos

Without  ever pausing

We could consider it

The mother of all below Heaven

I do not know its name

Lovingly wanting to protect it

I call it The Way

Compelled to give it a name

Greatness describes

The omnipresence of its actions

Omnipresence describes its far-reachingness

Reaching the furthest distance

It returns to its root


Tao is great

Heaven is great

Earth is great

The noble masters

Are also great

Within this world

There are four greatnesses

The noble masters

Share in this unity

Humans follow Earth

Earth follows Heaven

Heaven follows The Way

The Way follows its own thusness


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