Dream Diary and Analysis: The Underground College



Lots of complex dreams last night which I may struggle to arrange into a linear sequence.

I am in an incredibly large art college. The part in which we are residing is almost like an enormous trench, deeply grooved into the ground, with enormous facades rising up on either side. What a strange, strange building! We are doing an exhibit of all our final art pieces. People are rope climbing up the sides of these enormous walls to hang up our art for us like gargantuan banners. My work will be the first piece to displayed and judged once exhibition begins, and I’m feeling a little anxious about it – probably doesn’t help that I’ve no idea what my final piece is! Quite dark and sinister down there . . . . other parts of the college, large piles of cardboard boxes and labyrinthine corridors. Playing games. Are we paying a game of basket ball in one of the rooms, or in some other way horsing around? Yes, but there is a knock at the door, and I know there is something else sinister going on, though I could not relate what.

Standing outside another university, much brighter being outside, attractive red-brick building. I’m stood next to a red telephone box. End of the day? Am I picking someone up? I have been to this university in another dream, where I was trying to find the train route home. Dark streets.

I am walking down the castle meadows by the river. There is some sort of festival going on, and, as a result, there are a large number of cars parked all over the place, including down by the meadows, which is sometimes used as an overflow. I see some large otherworldly creatures flying about in the sky. I do not remember what the initial ones were; but, the final one is a large flying whale. I want to get closer to it and discover why it’s there. Even though I acknowledge it could be dangerous, finding out about its true nature seems to be far more important. In general, I do not recall seeing anyone I know very well in these dreams at all. Though, there was a small segment with n old friend. I was talking to him about being able to read minds, and he was rather insulting about it, telling me that I couldn’t. I was trying to inform him that being a mind-reader does not instantly enable you to know everything, but his ignorance was immoveable. Though irritated, I think I accepted it without getting particularly upset.


A vast, labyrinthine college, deep below the ground – I am really learning and being educated about very deep matters which are incredibly complex and profound. I clearly do not know my way around this vast new terrain I am encountering, and feel a little lost, and in need of guidance. Though, no guide comes, suggesting that I will do alright if I keep persevering and having faith in my fearless drive to explore ever deeper and deeper. The cardboard boxes symbolize storage and memories – perhaps also the profound and wise hidden within the seemingly bland and identical – the lapis stone in which the gold is discretely hidden. It suggests that there is a lot to be explored, and a lot of boxes to be rifled through. The truth is not found in just a single one of them – just more and more pieces of the puzzle that I must keep on putting together to assemble an ever clearer picture of the nature of reality.

I do not recognize the students, meaning that I have more new friendships and associations to make along the way, and that my future will continue to beset my completely unfamiliar circumstances and experiences, becoming ever more complex and deep – and long may it continue to do so! I am a warrior, and I want nothing less than to keep hurling myself into the unknown, and enlightening myself and others through the bounty of obscurity that I discover.

My art piece is the first to be shown. This suggests the sense of something impending – more prognostications about my uncertainty of the future of my artistic life; though, given that I am the first to have their work shown, that the reality of it will be unfurled soon is apparent. Knocking at the door – something unknown is making its way in, but I have no understanding of it yet. The darkness and depth only compound this meaning. The rope climbing suggests an ascent – the need to rise upwards, and overcome obstacles through facing fears.

The other university is a continuation of yesterday’s dream, where I was also just on verge of leaving a classroom. The brief display of sunlight outside indicates a brief moment of clarity in otherwise obscure situation.The red telephone box – a glaring and bold need to communicate.

Walking down by the meadows – openness and freedom. The car park, as with yesterday’s dream, indicates the need to take a momentary rest from my journey. The flying whale in the sky was clearly an astral phenomena. Though I am encountering many strange things, which could be dangerous for all I know, I am still bringing myself closer and closer to it, to investigate its properties more clearly.

The whale is a deep sea creature – it is not normally something we see swimming through the sky! Things are becoming topsy-turvy – things seem to be where they shouldn’t . . .  but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be there – it’s just an example of how we ignorantly deceive ourselves by always trying to structure things. Whales are intelligent, musical, soulful animals, usually hidden from sight, though incredibly powerful. The hidden powers and intelligences of the universe are making themselves apparent, plain for all to see, though I seem to be the only paying them any regard. It reminds me very much of Tao Te Ching 20:

All the men are merry and joyous

As though partaking in a great feast

Or ascending the terrace of spring

I alone am rooted in tranquillity . . .

Calm and peaceful as the depths of the ocean

The festival means celebrations, parties, and jubilation are on the horizon. I may well be part of them – but I definitely – literally – have bigger fish to fry! And so feel indifferent and detached. Marvellous, marvellous dreams!





2 thoughts on “Dream Diary and Analysis: The Underground College

  1. Hi Reuben glad to hear you’re living such a vivid dreamscape. I for many years dream about being a member of a University. I take it to be what it is. Unfortunately I sometimes get blocked by temptation in my journeying by the pursuit of pornography which thwarts me (although nearly invariably I don’t partake). It is obviously a state of acquiring knowledge of these lands and our future state and planes of existence in the afterlife that are coming through to you. You should feel delighted and take it as a privilege born of your spiritual exercises and practices. This life matters not one jot save in fitting us for the world to come, the call to live lovingly and assisting others, whether that’s in work, prayer, or the written word. Or even getting acquainted with others to share your enlightenment, I have this morning been taken up with reading “The Visions of Sadhu-Sundar-Singh of India.On Google I think you would enjoy it at this moment, as I have, speaking of all the good things to come. Much like the Book of the Dead, with mention of the Bardos, but with the Christian emphasis which the Sadhu’s visions were infused. I am very curious to know about your vision of Jesus. And if he said anything!

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  2. The university is prominent symbol, and, like the akashic records, is vast and never-ending, overflowing with all possible knowledge. I am grateful for the abilities I am acquiring – it is a tremendous boon to be able to sit down and go to school without doing a thing! I am interested in this book you mentioned. If it’s on Google, could you please send me a link to it. Jesus said nothing to me when I saw him – he was on the cross, suspended in space, accompanied by various spirits and devotees, closer to some of Dali’s paintings of him than any other. I’m certainly happy to seek him out for you, though, as I’m still feeling unwell, I can’t promise that I’ll do it today.


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