Tao Te Ching Teachings: The Ruthlessness of Heaven and Earth


“Heaven and Earth are without partiality”

Heaven and Earth, those two great cosmic constants, are without partiality, favouritism, bias or sentimentality. Whatever human feelings we might want to project onto them, all are illusion. Their actions are governed by concerns far more lofty and transcendental than our own. Heaven and Earth work mysteriously in concert, to their own agenda, always aspiring for the highest good.

This highest good has nothing to do with life or death, desires and wants. Such things are petty, human concerns – not the concerns of Heaven and Earth. Heaven and Earth understand that to give a being everything its wants seldom improves it. It is the calamities, challenges, and obstacles in life that give us the opportunity to raise ourselves to next level, filling in our deficiencies, and correcting our weaknesses.

This might make Heaven and Earth seem ruthless and cold to us. But, as a loving parent guides their child to pursue a course it will only be grateful for later, so Heaven and Earth continues to bombard us with curve balls, knowing we will be grateful later for helping us master our impeccable batting technique.


One thought on “Tao Te Ching Teachings: The Ruthlessness of Heaven and Earth

  1. Adversity comes along, and sometimes everything, everything, appears lost. This has happened to me on 4 occasions and not only do you question your sanity but whether it is worth going on at all. It is always darkest in the hour before dawn. Every ounce of my being has been crucified with Christ, setting me apart from the many, who wonder how a lunatic can seem to be so well and enjoying life. Well the truth is I do enjoy life, and company. I become exuberant with friends, and acquaintances which is just a reminder how many years I have spent in the wilderness. Few are they that know the life I have led. And I am held in contempt by many, contempt. Being devout and sincere towards others I cannot say life has been what I expected or imagined. But it is my belief that when I die, hopefully not for another 50 years, I will whoop with joy to see all I’ve held dear come about in the heavenly realm and not one thing would I change about my life. We can at least enjoy the grandeur of the experience though we may sob and feel unequal to the reality we face. In death everything remains jubilant, whilst the frauds, the wicked and the worldly wise will suffer to see us at our ease and only then realize just how mistaken they have been.

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