POEM: Broken Moon


What will I eat tomorrow?

Will it be the coconut I’ve drained of milk

But whose flesh I have yet to touch?

Will it be unripened plums?

An unaccompanied jar of tahini?

We could do it all –

Me and I –

Eating just one thing a day

Trimming down

Back to the alien

Back to the aborigine

I’ve done it all before, you know

So many lifetimes spent

Living alone in the mountains

But I’ve come back this time

To show you the Way

I’m sorry if I’m grouchy

This feverish dragon

Still explodes with thunder

You won’t catch me

Firing a blunderbuss

But if you look between

The gaps in my teeth

You might still the see the scraps

Of orbital flesh

Where I tore the moon



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