Diary of a Mystic: The Valley Spirit

velley spirit

Following on from the previous meditation, I used Green Tara’s mantra, and focused on the divine feminine. I found it very healing and stabilizing, and an excellent antidote to the restlessness and irritability I have experienced whilst being ill.

I spent a lot of the meditation flying through space. I at once encountered an enormous totem pole, which, no matter how perseveringly I followed it, seemed to have no end. The faces on the totem were variously gnashing their teeth and sticking out their tongues. One may have tried to eat me momentarily, meaningless as that is.

Occasionally, whilst flying through the pneumas of space, a face would form in the shape of a Buddha, usually very large and expansive. I roamed through lots of peaceful cloud-woven realms. One of the mist-formed being had a bit more of wrathful appearance than the others, though here was certainly nothing to be feared. These are lands of tranquillity, full of peace and beauty. There is never any danger here.

Many of the beautiful landscapes through which I travelled were filled with gorgeous mountains and valleys. Some were lush with greenery, vegetation, plants, grass, moss and lichen; whilst others were more grand canyon like, featuring many chasms, low-rolling rivers, mesas and buttes – some were dense with jagged mountain peaks, sharply chewing up the sky, more like the Himalayas or certain parts of China. Some of these felt like Earthy landscapes, whilst many definitely were not. In general, I did not see many beings, human, otherworldly, or animal on this trip – just mists and vapors.

2 thoughts on “Diary of a Mystic: The Valley Spirit

  1. I have been concerned for you my friend, picking up on your distress I too have been distressed. I have wrestled with emotions, feeling life was too hard to bare, so naked in the Godhead, and alone. I am interested to know what you make of my work regarding Psychiatry which I have posted. Thus I have dispensed with the ego. I yield to all like water and need neither the sun or moon for company. I ache, and strain, suffering, understanding my own revelations are hard to absorb, as I reach out to you in friendship. I hope your illness subsides. I cannot sleep or function well and I am disillusioned with this world.

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  2. Thank you for your concern, my friend, but you do not need to worry about me. What I am undergoing is a natural part of the human, spiritual experience, and I accept it completely and without avoidance. Naked and alone in the Godhead is certainly a very apt way of putting it. I’ve just got back home, but, as soon as I have a moment, I will read your psychiatry article. The sun has entered Pisces and conjoined with Neptune, so there is likely to be a lot of melancholy and disillusionment over the next month, but these next two weeks especially. Ride those waves, my friend. I will be praying for you, and am here if you need to talk.


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