POEM: The Ecstasy of Truth

white tara


When I chant you name

All beings in all realms

Are greatly pleased

The green energy of the earth

Rises up to engulf me

And the Isis of long ago

Becomes very present indeed

My womb opens up

As a heavenly lotus

Dispersing rainbow pollen

To all and sundry

I dance in the streets of India

My see-through sarong

Exposing my verdant limbs

My vagina is the flower

That all beings like to kiss

Thorns cannot be found here anymore

In the ecstatic dance of truth


2 thoughts on “POEM: The Ecstasy of Truth

  1. Whilst it’s good poetry I find the female persona that you put on a bit puzzling. I am not used to speaking so freely about masculine/feminine traits in my ideas or persona. I could almost say there is no aspect of femininity~ in my terms~ about my sexuality. It is simply outside my experience. So I cannot identify with it. But if it was intended for female readership, maybe I could bridge the gap.


    • I’ve always had a strong feminine connection. I was a notorious cross-dresser when I was back at high school, and the cultivation of femininity as the root source of masculinity is highly praised in the Tao Te Ching. Recently, since recollection of past lives as a woman, I been focusing on bringing back attention to my divine feminine, and often meditate on myself sharing Tara’s form, and hence, a female body. That’s way the poem begin talking about Tara externally – and then switches it, so I become Tara and she becomes me.


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