Diary of a Mystic: Vajra Lands


First thoroughly enjoyable and integrative meditation since I first came down with this illness. Given all the anger, bitterness, and ill-will I’ve been experiencing as a side effect over these last few days, I decided to use Vajrayogini’s mantra to help me eat up and transform these unpleasant emotions. And it certainly worked, as I feel much more gentle and mentally pliable now than the misanthrope I’ve been masquerading as for these last few days.

The energy that envelops everything was no longer kept at a distance from me that horrifying fever fire, but could actually fully enter into my being. It was truly blissful and pleasurable, as though my being was gently being suffused with yogurt, milk, ambrosia, or some other sweet elixir of the Gods.

The initial imagery was of some jungles, and a face that looked rather Mongolian. But, to my knowledge, I don’t think Mongolia is a jungle terrain, so it was more likely a Chinese kingdom I was seeing, or maybe even something from Central or South America.

Then the scene takes an almost anime turn, two beautiful lovers, in a watery, nebulous, rainbow space. It is quite indistinct, but I feel very turned on and sensual, a delicious sense of hyper-sexual unity that continues throughout the meditation.

There is one scene that almost feel like a living painting. We are sailing down this psychedelic, jungle river. All these beautiful and mysterious creatures lurk elegantly along the banks. Roaming through clouds and beautiful vajra lands.

2 thoughts on “Diary of a Mystic: Vajra Lands

  1. Reuben I’m glad you’re feeling less antagonised, and I am concerned that my counter stance to your doctrine may have contributed to your annoyance. In seeking a synthesis of two disparate religious visions it’s more than possible that I communicated from a place of emotional pain. I believe in your visions. There is a lot of close-correspondence with things occurring in my life also. We shall all be swept up in the “beatific” (sanctified) vision at the end- at personal extinction, and I think we need to celebrate. All of the effulgence of these prayers contribute to our state of blessedness. Loving the Lord, Jules.

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  2. The anger and ill-will I mention at the beginning of this did not stem from you, my friend. I have been in a lot of pain with this illness, and not being able to meditate, for me, has been liked being locked out of Heaven. So, naturally, being isolated, and not having access to usual refuges, I’ve been understandably irritable and selfish. I am happy that this state of affairs is gradually coming to an end. I’d certainly be interested to hear about the correspondences in your own life. Innumerable blessings. Reuben.


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