The Ancient’s attainment of Unity –

Heaven attaining Unity became clear

Earth receiving Unity became peaceful

Spirits obtaining Unity became divine

Valleys gaining Unity became full

The Myriad Beings receiving Unity became vibrant

Rulers attaining Unity,

Thereby purified

All Below Heaven

Without the cause of it all, I fear –

Clarityless – Heaven would crack

Peaceless – Earth would explode

Spiritually-deprived – Gods would perish

Empty of fullness – Valleys end

Life-drained – The Myriad Beings die

Ignoble and corrupt

Rulers stumble and fall


Nobility is rooted in humility

High is founded on low

Accordingly rulers call themselves:

“Orphaned, bereft, desolate!”

Is this not rooted in humility?

Is it not therefore

That The Highest counts carriages

As no carriages at all

Not desiring the twinkle of priceless gems

Any more than an avalanche of rocks?


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