POEM: Filthy Fantasies


Most men

Are assailed by fantasies

They dream

Of the ultimate

Disembodied woman

The right lips

To chew off their phallus

The right breasts

To be suffocated by

The right debasement of self

To fulfil their squalid imaginings

The most erotic thing

I ever imagine

Is a kiss or a hug

I dream of being supported

Of being loved no matter what

Of having someone I can talk to

About absolutely everything

A welcoming mirror

That only reflects and intensifies

All the contentment of my life

Such filthy, filthy fantasies

It’s no wonder people think I’m insane

Longing for an intimacy

That has no shape or form

But I have punctured my promises

Just like the rest

So what right do I have

To talk?


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