Diary of a Mystic: Trance Martial Artist


Interesting trance session yesterday. I began by chanting out-loud, but quickly opted just for doing it internally due to my still slightly hindered respiration. I swiftly entered into a trance, and began chanting very fast in Chinese. It seems these hidden sides of myself are generally more able to come forth when I chant internally, as opposed to vocally. There was a lot of pitch and timbre variation in the chanting. Sometimes low and calm – others times seeming to get overwhelmed and almost strident. Lots of shifting energy within that felt as though it wanted to just be roared out, which I attempted at times.

About half way in, I began doing movements, jabs with my hands, Tai Chi-like gestures. I felt like I was both doing a martial arts routine and some sort of ceremony. At one point, I made a sudden stabbing motion, and equally, also felt as though I had been stabbed. It all felt very theatrical, but quite real at the same time – so I was uncertain if this was just a stage production I was reliving, or a genuine fight.

I stood up, and made more spontaneous movements, shadow-boxing, kicks, punches, stretches and lunges. The style felt quite erratic and unpredictable. I am not enough of an expert to know, but perhaps I was aping the monkey-style, or some other animal-influenced fighting system?

All in all, a very satisfying and interesting trance session. Certainly limbered me up and made me feel more powerful.

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