Dream Diary: The Terrifying Fall

hell ride

Very interesting dream. I am walking around a large city, and ended up on some sort of school/college/university campus. Though the campus possesses a rather intricate system of staircases and elevators, for those who are interested in an added thrill, the school system has integrated a plexus of terrifying amusement park rides within the building. The higher you go up, the more terrifying they get. A good friend of mine was there. Somehow, I he convinced to try one of the rides, and take on Level Four.

It is certainly scary at first, but I find quite manageable . . .  until the end, that is, when the ride comes to a tunnel, at the end of which is a full-blown vertical drop. I can feel the G-force practically tearing me apart, and I feel more terrified than I can remember, truly feeling like I am going to die. I even try and do some deep breathing and mindfulness as I plummet, though it is very hard to maintain in such circumstances. I arrive at the bottom still awake and alive.


Interpretation –

It reminds me a lot of the dream I had in the autumn last year, shortly before a significant romantic change in my life. In the dream, I was at the top of a London hotel. I was a woman in a lesbian romance that had occurred as a consequence of some trauma that had changed the woman’s personality, and caused her to fall in love with the other woman, when she had felt nothing for her previously. A bit like David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive She had a phone trapped in her chest. Something happens, and I fall, as her, out the window, through the air, and down to the ground, where I am shot to smithereens by a SWAT team with lots of guns and ammunition.

A fall is like the trigram of the Abyss in the I Ching, indicating a venture, a fall, a final calamitous death or disaster before the stillness of the mountains and the rebirth of thunder. That this fall takes place within a university symbolizes that it is all part of a learning curve, and is meant to educate me. But, being a ride, I should also try my best to enjoy it and take delight in it, as it will eventually come to an end. However, it is only a level four ride, reminding me, ominously, that there a far greater falls in life (and death) to come. Things my start off manageably enough, but, at the end, may be far more challenging and terrifying than I could ever anticipate. Even my deepest technique will barely take the edge off. Trying to be peaceful in the midst of a sudden an unexpected disaster or transformation. Falling from a height – losing my sense of consciousness, or perhaps access to a higher perspective.

Also, when we are free-fall, we are more or less completely out control, and, beyond how we manoeuvre ourselves whilst in the air, we are at the mercy of gravity. Feeling out of control. At the mercy of circumstances beyond my control. Complete helplessness – also, being more or less beyond being able to receive the help of anyone.






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