Poem: Take It Off


Take it off, my love

Take off your dress

Your face

Your name

Your body

Your life

I want to see what you look like

Without anything at all

Take off the ornaments of your existence

And come sit in my soul

Recline under its gloomy canopy

And I’ll howl and howl

Then you’ll ask me some questions:

“Does every land

Have its own sun?

Do things get destroyed

Before they’ve begun?

Does every man have a world

Just for him

That he can put in his pocket

Or hang from a string?”

Oh, you are a tease

Always pumping me full of riddles

Every question mark a dagger

That bloodies my unknowing my brain

So you put it all back on again

And dress yourself in flesh

While I’m just a lonesome mosquito

Caught in that fleshy net

To quaff a cup or two

Of your blood

Would be a mighty delight

But the nurse storms in

And claps her hands

And I enter eternal night


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