Tao Te Ching Teachings: Centering Integrity

Chinese art Taoist wallpaper 1440x900

“Without disintegration”

What helps us to keep mind and body close together? Te, or integrity/power. To have integrity means that every part of you, no matter how seemingly disparate or contradictory, is perfectly integrated into a harmonious whole. You reject or dismiss no part of yourself, but explore and express it in a healthy way, so it can be put to good use, and dwell in its rightful place, like a computer code that only functions when all of the digits are in the right order and combination.

When we disintegrate, it is a sign that things are not in their proper place; that we have suppressed or ignored important aspects of ourselves that need to be explored and expressed. When we act in accordance with The Way, we possess integrity; when we go against the Way, we disintegrate. It is as simple as that. All power and unity comes from being centred. Stay centred at all times, and integrity will stay with you.


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