Poem: One Day

one day

One day

I hope to write

A poem so beautiful

That even those that despise me

Will be moved to tears by it

Unfortunate beings

Consumed by hatred

Will have their hearts

Opened by it

People will press it to their chests

As though hoping

To become one with it

Or hold their palms up against it

As though hoping to be

Warmed by it

The yearning lover

Would give it in secret

To their unknowing amour

Whilst established lovers

More open in their affairs

Would kiss it into

Eachother’s lips

So they could share in its sweetness


Faithful Labradors

Would hold it in

Their slobbering jaws

To offer it to

Their Owners

Whilst the illiterate

And unlearned

Would master

Every language

All in the hopes

Of reading it

One day I hope

To write a poem

Such as this


Until I do

I will just keep on showing you

The filth of my heart

In the hopes that someone


Will understand



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