POEM: Straw Dogs


Sweet sangha sister

Radiant lamp

Of unconditioned compassion

Let’s go up

To the charnel ground

Where the vultures circle round

Carving mandalas in the sky

Seeing the thunderbolts roaming

Let us enjoy impermanence

And embrace one another

And never cease to dance

Until we rot into one another

Taking delighting

In decomposition’s intimacy

Our remains will merge

In an atrocious heap

Gargoyles and subcontractors

Swooned at the romance

Our kisses will be

The pecks of crows

Chewing our defilements away

And the writhing of earthworms

Will be the waltz

We always loved to dance

As Heaven showers

Its sacred confetti

Our skulls will cave

Into one another

Granting us an awareness

No bone or brain

Could ever imprison

Straw dogs together

Straw dogs in weather

Straw dogs forevermore


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