Poem: Reality’s Pants


Take off reality’s pants

To see what she’s wearing

The naked awareness of truth

Is more erotic than you can imagine

All of my nadis

My spiritual channels

Erupt with a coronal vibrance

My blood becoming honey

No bee would dare to sting

But could ever refuse

Pucker up

Drive yourself wild

Sweat until you stink

And get high sniffing

Your own celestial indulgence

Reality really wants you

To play with her

To squeeze her,

To tug her,

To mess her up

She’s a nasty lady

There’s no denying that

As chaste as a nun

In the glint of orgasm

The primordial yabyum

Of nothing being fucked by something

Oh, it makes me want to melt!

And erupt into everything

So I squeeze my legs tight

And try not to scream


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