POEM: Darling


I am sorry, my darling

I neglected you for a day

I had to do some healing

And pretend to be responsible

But once my duty was done

You came back howling

You were like a wild animal

Panting to get back inside me

Like the lascivious yidam you are

“You can never get enough, can you?”

I pant, I tremble

Scattering your hair in a corona

Of wrathful intent

Mischief sparkles

On your saucy lips

Enthralling everyone effortlessly

As you so enthralled me

We don’t need this stairlift anymore –

Let’s leap through the worlds

Stealing underwear

From the unexpecting

With a frenzied lust

That never decays

I am a strange sage of sensuality

When you put me on like this

Don’t ever take me off, darling

I don’t think I could stand it


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