POEM: Rain – Love – Hell – Play


I love the rain

I love rolling around

In your divine corpse flesh

We hurry on up

To the grove of Bacchus

The tortured goal

Of our tortured souls

I don’t think anybody

Would want to be

Caught short here

Eyes piercing out of

Penetrative darkness

The maleficent syntax

Of unwholesome woodnotes

Casting your nightmares

Into hundreds of permutations

Of Mind-Warping sorrow

But no matter how many

Hell realms I traverse

Hungry ghosts

And lonesome demons

Clawing at my legs

And reversing my eyeballs

In their sockets

To make me look back

At the bloodied road

The brought me here

I still only

Think of love

The one precious jewel

To protect me

In every battleground

Every wasteful coliseum

Every haunted mind palace

Of my most disgusting delusions

A traceless murderer

Who has tracked me since childhood

Legions of Roman feet

Stamping me into the stones

Come over some time

And I’ll cook you a curry

Mahakala will pour us wine

As we cuddle into

Eachother’s fears

And use love as the flame

To roast us both together



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