Poem: Fertility Rites


Running through the rainforest

With my rainforest woman

Howling like monkeys

As we embrace the stratospheric screams

Of celestial birds

Whose plumage is painted

From a palette

Almost impossible to imagine

We explode with abandon

As The Fertility Rites begin

Laughter, cacophonous

Screaming along

With the mad melee of the jungle

In the moment,

I am so hot,

I no longer know,

Nor care,

Whether I am a man or a woman

I just spread my legs

And let the spirit settle right in

Gyrating phallus and clitoris

Turning into electrified nothing

My red-skinned spirit

Rose pink and luscious

Crowning her glory

With skull-strewn hair

There is no room for fear

No self-consciousness here

Just the ecstasy of enlightenment

Joy trickling down your tongue

If people could see

My shamanic antics

They’d behead me on the spot!

So I gustily sing


And untie every vine

I can find







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