Poem: The Face of Suffering

Edvard Munch - By the Deathbed

I have seen suffering’s face;

It is a beautiful face

That kisses you gently

With razor-sharp lips

Drawing you in with promises

Just to rape you with disappointment

Sadistic, tender Maya

We always fall into the trap

Of your fishnet stockings

Wanting to belong with our belongings

Instead of belonging in unbelonging

Our hearts are empty vessels;

They do not pump blood

But only sightless water

We can choose to dye

With bliss or pain

No one wants to

Walk through a minefield

But it just takes too long

To learn to levitate

But there’s a strip club on

The Other Side

And we’ve heard its acts

Are really saucy

I can’t promise you anything

I am blissful and happy

In my perfect unhappiness

One unwanted memory

Can turn an evening to shambles

Let’s let the lawn grow wild

For a little while –

I want to hear the Sea Cucumbers scream





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