Poem: Warning Label


You are window-shopping

When you happen to see

My mannequin in the window

Seduced by a spontaneous

Misplaced temptation

You momentarily consider purchase

But just as you are about

To approach the service counter

You notice an ominous

Warning label

It reads:

“It you truly intend to love me

Or, indeed, anyone

Here are some things

You should know:

Though you will find beauty in me

You will find just as much ugliness

And unless you can love this ugliness

With just as much fervour

I suggest you keep your receipt.

Though you may find satisfaction in my company

You will inevitably face disappointment

Unless you can forgo

All attatchment and expectation

This silly yogi

Will only dissatisfy you.

Though you may think you have an idea

Of who I really am

The longer you know me

The stranger and more unfamiliar I will become

Unless you are willing

To take me as a new being every day

And abandon your fixity

To time and space

You should never bother

To get to know me.

Unless you can

Blend the bad with the good

The obstructed with the smooth

The sublime with the mundane

The exciting with the dull

The polite with the profane

I suggest you hang me

Back on the rack

And never think of love again”

Reading thus

She sagaciously flung me away

And dived out the shop window

Never to be seen again



4 thoughts on “Poem: Warning Label

      • yes, most people, i suppose would jump ship. when i read it, i felt myself wearing this label, and grateful to read it upon another, as it directly reflects where i have to come to be, after many years living with attachment to the illusion of my ideal self. ha ha ha… a deep, fun poem. thanks.

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  1. Yes, I believe it’s a label we all wear, though not all of us are as aware of it as others. I think true love and compassion in any sort of relationship can only really exist when we feel a sincere tenderness for our own imperfections and those of every other being. Many blessings 🙂


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