Poem: The Power of Lust


These Dakinis

Are truly insatiable

I can’t look

At anything red

Without Vajrayogini

In her manifold forms

Lunging at me

With atomic sensuality

My legs are actually shaking

With concentrated lust

A Kundalini rising

That encircles the golden ambiguity

Of my androgynous face

The soles of my feet

Are like pools of diamonds

Suctions pumps

Accumulating desire

Straight from the ground

I guess I can only

Make of myself a Heruka

And heroically forge

The burning union

That transcendental confusion emits

I am the madness of bliss

And the hunger of enlightenment

The ever-waiting tiger

Ready to pounce on you with pleasure

The more exactingly you control yourselves

The more us yoginis

Will tear you in two

Ripening you into a ferocious storm

That demands incessant satisfaction

Crimson clouds,

Crimsons burst

Crimson all the way

To lose yourself

Is a maestro’s culmination

Such a joyous frenzy

Seizes us all

Through the power of lust









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