Poem: Kurukulla


My beautiful lady, Kurukulla,

Dancing through the clouds

From your Himalayan vantage point

You see all the suffering of the world

Ever poised, with your flower-tipped bow

You fire off shots incessantly

Without ever seeming to move

You know just as well as I

That in

This samsaric abyss

When devotional love

Is so far from people’s hearts

Sometimes, the only way

To get them to embrace it

Is to use the non-violence of violence

To savagely inseminate them with it

Incense clouds become cumuli

As realizor and realized

Meld into one

Sashaying through the ether

In satin pants

Who wouldn’t think

You’re the loveliest of them all?

Victim and lover

Are always indivisible

The coemergent bastard of nirvana

And cyclic existence

Troubled water flowing

Through untroubled times

Who knows which atrium

Will be the first to burst?

Realizor and realized

Merging into one

As the knot of delusion

Is finally undone



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