Poem: Climbing and Falling


There is no difference

Between climbing and falling

I realized this

As I ascended a gnarled mountain

Barely able

To hold onto

Its horrendous face

I clung to

Raggedy weeds

Forgotten flowers

Forging their pain

Into its neuralgic nerve-endings

And pain to everything else

By extension

I felt so confident

So sure of making the next step

But there was no next step

Only a dearth of handholds

No flowers for support

I gave into freefall

As oblivion licked its lips

But just as my heart

Felt sure to explode

I was surprised to find myself

Landing on the summit

The next step was not grasping

But the triumph of letting go

No sooner had I reached the peak

Than I graduated to the sky itself

I found the secret projectionist

And gave her a loving shove

I became space’s conquering consort

And became the one above



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