Poem: Erotic Parallels


I sit wearing three shawls

Nothing else

Triple body

Hiding a naked brave

I would like to dress like this

All the time

So free, flowing – unrestricted

The weight of the modern world

Is all too much

The loss of sensitivity

The severance of all the nerves

That connect us to nature

And one another

Can’t you smell the wetness of the forest

The moist dampness of vegetation

And feel its aliveness within you?

I thought I was moving on

But my heart moves in reverse

As you plague my senses

A recently deceased priestess

Did we sit separate from one another

In the Japanese court

And make love

Through coded eye contact

And flight-feather fans?

I feel like I could love you

With greater depth now

Now that I have stripped away

All the armour and delusions

That kept me from truly feeling

To feel your body as enough

Without ice-skating through dimensions

When all that I thirst for

Is enwrapped herein

To touch

Your belly

Your breasts

All the parts of you

That define you

As being other than me

And yet utterly of me too

In your absence

I feel I must make myself a woman

So I can be all the things to me

You no longer can

To see you in the vegetation

The entanglement of pubic hairs

The clitoral oscillations

Of ladybugs on leaf

Who feels these

Erotic parallels

Telling naked stories

In their very own skin?

But I am still a man

With my slender body

And warrior-thin legs

I cannot grow breasts

Or simultaneous clitoris

Become a self-fulfilling hermaphrodite

A closed-circuit

Unto itself


I must be

Forever open-ended

Untamed electricity

Concatenating in all directions

I will get in my canoe

And sail down this river

Of primeval saliva

The potential of love

With you in my mouth

Eating your absence





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