Poem: The Graciousness of All Things


You’re not truly in a position

To learn anything at all

Until you start living like a tramp

And can wears rags like robes

Piss out in the open

And expose yourself to the sky

Without any shame

To castrate your sense of freedom

That’s the mistake

Adam and Eve made

They plucked a stinking apple

From the twisted tree of intellect

And ingested the first neurosis

Creating the false sin of being naked

The false sin of being yourself

I’d like to slap them in the face

With a long thorny branch

And make them bleed out their stupidity

Incensing them to revel

In the peculiarities of their sex

While you may have a home

The princely tramp

Knows it could go at any moment

So he makes each moment his palace

His place of kingly refuge

In which he can knight his royal subjects:

The Graciousness of All Things

He knows caution to be a killer

And recklessness to be just as dangerous

All of life is a gamble

There’s nowhere that you’re safe!

So I’ll stay at the croupier’s table

And give him a royal kiss

I’m done entertaining illusions

I think I’ll give that show a miss



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