Poem: Confessions of a Cross-Dressing Frankenstein


Today I missed you so much

I put on your underwear

I felt it was as close as I could get

To being near you again

It was as thrilling and exciting

As it was fundamentally depressing

Like climbing into your lover’s coffin

And waiting to for death to strike

Still, whilst I’m here,

I might as well enjoy it

And caress your sensuous skeleton

As I admire the murky moistened mud

That towers either side of us

I used to be a cross-dresser

Wearing women’s clothing all the time

Then I took

A several year jaunt

In manhood

Refashioning myself as a dandy

An ignoramus pretty boy

Straight from a Wodehouse novel

With cravat, perfect for choking

Either myself or others

Then spirituality struck

Gender became more ambiguous

Two forces

Raging into impact

That were always destined

To fuck

Now I spend my days

Visualizing myself as a goddess

The world shaking

Along the gelatinous curves

Of my erogenous hips

It was only a matter of time

Before I returned to your underwear

And found femininity

Lurking in my subconscious

Waiting to assault me

What I have learned from all this?

The mastery of synthesis

That which we lose

Can never be lost

That which we bury

Can always be unburied

Rising from the dead

To mate with the living

Like an orgiastic zombie

With a taste for seasoned genitals

Instead of brains

Take the broken parts of you

And fix them altogether

In the salvage yard of your mind

You can become a beautiful Frankenstein

For all the world to love

I will grieve at the burning windmill

Wishing you were still here

As I eat cold soup

From a blind man’s hands

My knickers getting






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