Poem: Arrythmia


I cannot endure

How much I miss you

My heart should be

Beating inside your chest

While your heart

Still beats heavily inside of mine

Feverish and senseless

I am arrhythmic and restless

As though all the peculiar beats of my heart

Are trying to encompass us both

I’ve drunk too much wine

Not to numb the pain

But to increase it

Like self-inflicted black magic

I hope to use to dispose of myself

I feel infinitely impaled

In the iron maiden of this moment

Celestial visions

Are as a close as skin

Goddesses loop

Their diamond sashes around me

But I’d send them all to the slaughterhouse

If you’d just run your fingers

Over my collapsing chest

And let me love you again

You could be my religion

You could be my hell

Always ripening into sunlight

As I hear my screaming senses blossom




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