Poem: Ejaculations Against Stained Glass


I went into a local church

To admire the stained glass windows

Stalking down its time-tossed corridors

To bathe in the fullness

Of its raw vivid light

But my appreciation was annihilated

When I noticed the fig leaf

Covering Adam’s genitals

As though he had been castrated

By a roving maniacal tree

Determined to leave a memento of his crime

For this aboreally-assaulted amputee

I could not prevent my tongue from shrieking:


Whereon I streamed out of the church

And tore off my clothes

I was naked

And extremely proud

A Reuben as though painted by Reubens

“The body is to be delighted and cherished!”

I cried,

“As the expression of every human’s  natural divinity!”

Then I grabbed the first goddess I could find

(I did not have to search long;

There was already one

Crawling up my leg

With the enlightenment of lust in her eyes)

Then I coupled with her

For many eternities

Ejaculating into the shameful face of celibacy

Until he took off his mask

Gleamed a spermy smile

And joined us for an orgy

All because

One silly man

Couldn’t come face to face

With his balls




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