Poem: Neptunian Dream


How many year have I been sat

In this Neptunian bath?

The colonnades go on forever

Accepting space’s seduction

While the pool in which I reside

Shows no sign of ending

I have been floating here so long

That I am beginning to have visions

Of being something called ‘A Human Being’

On a planet known as ‘Earth’

Where wonder and atrocity mix

And everything is dense

As though woven in concrete;

Only the birds can do

What my heart does by nature

I should like to stray into this world

So long as I remember – “‘tis just a vision!”

Marsh thistles exploding into purple prisms

That bejewel the empty night

Yes, I should like to tarry here

And learn more of this strange, dense world

But I must get out of the bath

And find something to drink



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