Poem: Solar Voyage


How can we help but fall in love

With what kills us

When life that kills us repeatedly

Is what we crave the most?

I am not in the habit

Of chasing after life;

I find that if I sit still long enough

It’s only a matter of time

Before she wraps her legs around me

And refuses to let me go

Like a tourniquet of romance

Fancy a free lap dance?

Pour me a new liver

And let my heart out of its cage

And I’ll do almost anything you ask

Just don’t be gentle with me;

This porcelain was meant to be cracked

You can sweep me up in shards

And then pour me into your lap

Like a self-reviving jellyfish

I’ll just keep on multiplying

Or be as a terrifying embryo

That always wants to party

Even once the lights have gone out

And the guests have all gone home

But I will return someday

To show you my tentacles

And you’ll climb on the back

Of this outrageous cephalopod

And sail away with me

Into the sun

Never to come back


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