Poem: Face With a View


I would sooner look on your face

Than on any view in the world

You point out a sublime landscape to me

But all I can see is the sun

Dripping from your face

Illuminating the brilliantine marvels of your mind

How do you compass this strange vagabond?

Who, with his too-quick affections,

Can make declarations of love to complete strangers

And vows of eternity to a passing cloud?

But you are not stranger to me

I have seen that face before

Though you may not recognize mine

Your honking swan laugh ignites memories

Of other planets no star-gazer has ever spied

Oh, what must I do to prick your heart?

To make it awaken to my presence

As much as your presence

Has awoken my own?

But it’s all for the best:

I am a flighty bastard

And my affection is always for

The Abominably absent

While I flinch at those

Who are too accessible and close

Ocean winds batter the gothic mansion

Of my fragile heart

And my spirit scarcely stays

Long enough in my body

For me these words to speak

Oh, it has been a Frankenstein of a week!

But if you will just let me drink up

The view of that face

Then this old man

Will need no stairlift

To ascend to the second floor

Of love



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