Secret Sonnet: A Love Poem in Five Parts


Any time spent with you

Is never enough

I am greedy for you;

I always thirst for more

When you leave the room

It is as though someone has turned out the light,

Or blown out all the candles

My perception loses all reference to joy

And I am left, unanchored and adrift,

Dreaming of the time

When your sphinxian face

Will awake from its slumberous absence,

To beautify my palest dawnings

Candle wax drips down street lamps

And the cramped paintings on the walls

Intrude on the space

Where I might love you

Forever and ever

I know I am the crass, maniacal sort,

With my exquisite refinement of fanatical idiocy

But I really do care for you

And I only wish upon the stars

I see encoded in your face

That amidst your clustered galaxies

I might finally find my place



Time has lost its lilt now

I no longer measure time in hours or days

But only in the temporal distances

Between the touches you give me

Like sands in an ebbing hour glass

That keep electrocuting one another

Shorter periods are construed

Through the panted breathes and swoons

Of the recited poetry, that reminds me of you;

That takes chisel and hammer to my sternum

To set my heart horrifically free

Against some tantalizing triptych

I’ll run the gauntlet of your affections

Until somebody takes me to pasture

To turn my hooves to glue

Ah! Will there ever be a ‘Me and You?’

Some fragile concatenation

Through the interpersonal fractals

Of our ever-morphing selves?

You are the Goddess of Poetry

The Detonator of Hearts

I need to catch a ride to your love

But my neighbour’s car won’t start



My imagination runneth over

From the libation of your imagined tenderness

All the words I write

Will never be enough to fittingly extol you

Until I can unearth the hidden epic

Twinkling in your eyes

And crack the code

To the secret sonnet

That encrypts

The obscurity of your soul

This couldn’t even be called ‘yearning’ –

It’s just flat-out appreciation;

Appreciation for your attendance upon my reality

Which ignites it with impossible charm

Your smile is a fertile swamp of poetry

And your dreamy, glazed eyes

A tragic drama

In which I must be the sacred victim




So, maybe we could take a holiday somewhere,

And, as jay-walking caterpillars,

We could creep within one another’s cocoons,

And emerge from a matrimonial chrysalis –

A butterfly with infinite wings –

Our nervous systems linked

With insectile aviation

We’ll flutter about

Time’s roasted caverns

Until biological recidivism take us back

To cocoon together again




But, I am still greedy for you

And I don’t intend to take a diet,

But glut and glut and glut

So I will wish upon the stars

I see encoded on your face

That amidst your clustered galaxies

I might finally take my




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