Sonnet: To Plant a Kiss


To plant a kiss on that face untouched,

As yet uncarved by time’s cruel hands,

Would not satisfy me overmuch,

But ravish me with unspent hunger pangs,

For, to plant one kiss, is to beg another,

To moan and pine for a second trial,

To flush with love – yet lack a lover,

Pinioned on the crests of your vulpine smile,

But, should I plant a kiss – what seed is sown,

What fruit will these faint lips beget,

What stars unseen – what fields unmown –

What music unimagined – what dream unmet –

What taste untried – what milk unchurned –

Will these lips find in lips unreturned?



Poem: The Faeries of Halloween


There’s lots of faeries in that wood,

The faeries they are up to no good,

To frighten folk, they are keen,

For tonight beest Halloween!


Among the hawthorns they do creep,

Disguised in toupees and false teeth,

And folk of astute deduction,

May observe a little liposuction!


They creepeth now from out the wood,

Into the town to do no good,

To run amok in all the bars –

Smashing windows – flipping cars!


Don’t by them be riddle catched,

Into a fatal chess-board match,

For should you fail their check to mate,

Your soul shall fliest from its gate,


And fly away to the Land of Faery,

To dwell with creatures, small and scary,

To roam through strange realms in-between,

All because one Halloween,


The faeries didst hath you tricked;

Into another world were you dipped,

To trip with creatures of ages old,

Electric blue and burning gold,


There’s lots of faeries in the wood,

The faeries they are up to no good,

To frighten all, they are keen

For tonight beest – HALLOWEEN!



Love Sonnets 9&10



Oh, wake me not, unspeakable dawn!

That brings only cruel, unforgiving knowledge;

More bad news that cannot be borne,

Couriered in death’s ineluctable carriage,

I wonder why I am even alive?

A creature created solely for pain,

With only suffering for my wife,

And plucked by torture’s fiery reigns,

How can I go on like this?

Tear-soaked, yet inexorably sentient,

Life denying me my chance of bliss,

Begging me, amidst thorns, to be patient,

For, only after wading through great oceans of pain,

Can I ever expect to be happy again


Oh life! – why have you made me love,

Someone who cares not for me –

Who would rather betroth all else above,

Than this man of worthless pedigree?

Each day replays old patterns of hurt,

More knots of misery I cannot untie,

And leaves me with embroidered agony girt –

A blind man now with sightful eyes,

That sees clearly the nature of his fate,

To be alive – and yet alone,

Never to have a welcome mate,

A forgiving heart I can call my home,

This groom shall never take a bride –

From the Hells of happiness I’m cast aside


Love Sonnet 8



I wish that I were a book,

One at which you’d always stare,

Sole beneficiary to your admiring look,

Preserved in memory with great care,

Please don’t imprison me in your library,

But press me always to your chest,

Like a volume of scripture, holy,

With your loving tears blessed.

Keep this book with you always;

A diary where your dreams can roam,

Down long-forgotten, mystic hallways,

Leading to your immortal home;

A kingdom gilded with the sacrifice,

Of ever-loving, watchful eyes




Mantras – Peaceful & Wrathful – An Introduction




(Extracted from a conversation with a client)

Okay, let’s talk about mantras. Mantras are chants of sacred syllables, and one of the most powerful spiritual practises. The Hare Krishna mantra is, of course, the most well known, as is ‘Aum.’ The great thing about mantras is that they don’t necessarily have to be chanted out-loud – you can keep them going in your mind at all times, so that, whatever you’re doing you’re always engaged in some kind of spiritual practise – and such continuous practise fruits results very quickly.


Most mantras are associated with different deities and  energy patterns/beings, and therefore have different effects and powers that they convey. In Tibetan Buddhism, these are roughly grouped into two different types – the Peaceful and the Wrathful. The mantras of Peaceful deities are very good for developing peace, tranquillity, wisdom, patience, healing, equanimity and other enlightened qualities. They’re very gentle, reassuring, and loving, though they will still challenge you from time to time, and can reawaken old memories and psychic powers.


The mantras of the wrathful deities are very different, and usually far shorter. They are much more challenging and demanding, but, for that very reason, they get things done a lot quicker. Rather than making us more placid, these mantras generate a huge amount of energy, and make life incredibly more vivid and intense. They have a great fondness for placing you in crazy or strange situations, which force you outside of yourself, and demand you to be more spontaneous, real, or authentic. They will not let you hide from anything! Nor will they hesitate to make you break-down and reduce you to rubble if they think it will do you some good. But, the effects they produce occur incredibly swiftly if one is sincere; and, through them, one can gain powers, awarenesses, memories, and abilities very quickly – you just have to be very brave, as they will always give you far more than you bargained for! Very good for dealing with one’s shadows, personal demons, and visits to the underworld.

It’s usually good to know several mantras for different purposes, and to work with both Peaceful and Wrathful deities, so that you can cultivate both the passive and active/aggressive sides of enlightenment. Usually there will be 1-3 deities that you will develop a close relationship with – though, it’s good to have a strong central one.

If you would like to learn more about mantras, and be recommended some, please contact me at


Love Sonnets 6 and 7



How could I ever be worthy of you,

When you are a goddess – and I – but a man?

When you are braided with beauty through,

And I am crushed in ugliness’s hands?

Every day I strive to improve myself,

Assaying to inspire your affection,

A thankless task when you’re only wealth,

Is never-ending dereliction,

But, inch by inch – degree by degree,

I feel your esteem begin to bloom,

As you perceive the sanctity

Of my intentions – and thus make room

For this troubadour in your heavenly arms

Where the weapons of sadness are soon disarmed


Before the crowd has finished cheering –

The room still enveloped in applause –

I can barely suppress the waiting tears,

Imprisoned behind my soul’s soft doors,

Though assailed with fervent admiration –

A trifling tart who seldom stays –

I would bear all scorn and denigration,

To be the recipient of your tender praise;

A fruit plucked fresh from honeyed lips;

A sweetness that makes all else taste sour,

Especially when formed in the shape of a kiss;

Which, were you to give me one every hour,

The tension of counting the seconds between,

Would make this passion-pent poet eagerly scream

Love Sonnets – 3, 4, and 5



When I cannot sleep, for visions of you,

Meander like movies in my mind’s eye,

Admixing the truest with the untrue,

The wounded and flightless with that which can fly,

I do not intenerate these thoughts chaotic,

But reverence the vigour of their violence,

The interplay of feelings, both fair and despotic,

With spells of rage, and storms of silence,

I’d rather be cursed with love-sickened madness,

Then blessed with anaesthetic tranquillity,

The former can foster the goodness of genius,

The latter – only seductive senility!

Love is a blessing that drives us insane –

A gift of compassion – a palace of pain.


And in that palace of pain, I have long been tenant,

Scrubbings the floors, and painting the walls,

With my very own blood as sanguine penance,

For any pains I have previously caused,

For, in love, I have been guilty as any,

Of the vagaries and vacillations of intent,

My merits few – my mistakes – many,

Though my crimes of the heart were often well-meant,

Still, I would rather reside in this palace of laments,

Than in the narrow alley of self-obsession,

Love highlights our mistakes, and calls out, “repent!”

Breaking the bonds of our self-definition,

Enlightening our hearts – infinite – eternal –

Wedding the celestial with the infernal.


I do often wish you’d not be so cruel,

But throw more cuts of compassion my way,

Not just glut me on grief and gruel –

The crumbs and crusts of your lover’s buffet,

Won’t you allow me to enter the gates of your heart;

To lay on the bed made for us there –

Instead of being kept cold in your cold courtyard,

Deserted by Hope, and racked by Despair?

But, Hope has driven me insistently on,

Refusing me refuge or peaceful surrender,

An eternal passion that will not be gone,

Whether jubilant June or darkest December,

And as love like this never abates –

I’ll maintain my vigil without your wavering gates


Poem: Two Love Sonnets



If I hand you a chalice,

Will you drink of the wine pressed fresh from my heart?

A vintage free from taint or malice,

Though victim of Sadness’s envenomed dart,

Drink it up, my love, until exquisite inebriation,

Drives all coldness from your limbs,

And ignites the fires of your imagination,

Ensuring the prosperity of your most passionate whims!

Let me dapple your neck with crimson kisses,

So that your snowy skin may sip of the wine,

That inflames my days with unfulfilled blisses,

That I pray – I implore – will make you mine!

And as the liquor of my love pulses quick through your veins,

I know that, from my thoughts, you can ne’er be estranged.



My days are enriched with the paint of your palette,

That enrobes me with colours too vivid to bear,

Let me tend to your wishes like a well-trained valet,

Whose only salary is the want of touching your hair,

Unwitting, you keep me slave to your spell,

That addicts me to the promise of your absent perfume,

Drawn secret from Aphrodite’s love-philtre well,

Infused with the mead and the milk of the moon,

My nights are spent on a hot-bed of yearning,

Yoking my dreams to an envisioned paradise,

Found in a topography, ancient men of learning,

Claim can only be sought in the expanse of your eyes,

So, I look into those orbs, and stare and I stare,

At the rapture unbounded I see awaiting me there.








Poem: Hymn to Mother Autumn



Oh, Mother Autumn, enter into our hearts,

And pierce them with the joy of your ecstatic frosts!

Your hair is woven from a net of leaves –

All the mystic colours your season breathes,

Invest us with the might to flow along with change,

As time doth all things rearrange,

As sorrow fades, and blooms into wisdom,

Usher us into the citadel of your burnished kingdom,

Into your faery landscape, charmed, enchanted,

Where the seeds of hope and joy are planted,

As sunset burns, and daylight lessons,

Brighten us with the balm of your blessings,

As The Mother of Ivy binds the forest together,

May neither time nor travail make us sever,

This our loving friendship, enkindled bright,

Roosting in the furnace of every star-filled night,

Oh, Mother Autumn, Mother please!

Paint us all the colours your season breathes



Oh, Mother Autumn, Changer of Trees,

Enliven us with your thrilling melodies!

Reveal, oh, the wistful wonder of your workings,

And prepare us for what in the winter is lurking –

Paint us a path – show us the way,

So we can lilt most freely to your tender decay,

With haws on thorns, hazel nuts on bough,

Fructify our thoughts with your ethereal plough!

Fed on fruit of love at this Harvest of Souls,

Help us each attain our inmost goals,

Safe from claw of carrion, or sweep of scythe,

Keep our friendship always alive,

As wheat is reaped, and corn is threshed,

May these souls uplifted be refreshed!

Help warm our nights, and delight our days,

As we wander on our time-torn, winding ways,

Knowing that if heart or head is ever a-muddle,

We can always come together to find peace in a cuddle!



Oh, Mother Autumn, come here to us now,

As the winsome robin reclaims his bough,

Shield us from thoughts desolate, and feelings forlorn,

Like the lonesome jay screeching for want of acorns,

Though the birdsong has receded into your chill air,

In our hearts may your symphonies eternal sing there!

With mushroom fruiting on log, in orchestral wood,

We learn e’en cruellest change can deliver kindliest good,

Now summer is gone, and sunlight displaced –

Come to us now – reveal thy face!

Standing by river, or willow-wreathed mere,

Hie to us sprites and spirits of deer!

Though we may feel sadness to see the forests laid bare,

We can rejoice for return of redwing and fieldfare,

And once again, we ask, this union to bless –

This Trinity of Hearts – Reuben, Hannah, and Jess!




Poem: Hope and Sorrow – A Family Tragedy


After the miscarriage, will you

Forgive me? I am not to blame for

Our baby’s death. You know how much

I love you, my dear; how much I wanted

To be the vessel through which your dreams

Unobstructed could flow. Children will come –

This was but a false beginning – and we will

Keep on trying, until I’ve furnished your life

With all the miracles I’ve long promised, but

Ne’er been able to give

I have always entrusted everything to you –

But would you forgive me for having foreknowledge

Of a tragedy I had not the power to prevent? I never

Wanted to be an instrument in your misery.

For years, I waited, tearing whatever happiness I

Could find within myself, and thrusting it into you.


While you remain within your Circle of Sorrow,

At least grant me admittance?

Let me take your place. May all your grief, your

Pain be mine – let me carry the burdensome stone

In your womb that makes you sink so immedicably


Let me be your death, darling, so

That you do not have to die. Let me

Drown for you – starve for you – suffocate

For you – I will die for you, for as many

Lifetimes as it takes, until the fates take

Your sadness away

And have I not already died more times

Than we have kissed?

A whole cemetery of buried promises,

That prophesied you a future happiness

You will have it all, my dear; all the children

You wish for. I will go to hell so that you

May go to heaven – I will be a homeless

Waif so that you can live in the palace

Built from my suffering


Is this why I remember shedding tears

On those palatial steps – could I

Feel how many lifetimes I would have to

Wait before you became my bride?


But, you are my bride, now, my dearest.

I walked you down that aisle – a bridge

Of light arching over a pool of stars.

And, in that moment, I did not know if

I was a father losing a daughter, or a husband

Gaining a wife.


I remember when you first called

Me ‘husband,’ – a thrill went through

My nervous system. It was only a jest –

But my heart latched onto that word

As the pinnacle of my ambition

Everyone told me to scheme –

Battle plans were laid at my door

Daily. But I did not want to scheme.

I wanted us to gravitate together as

Naturally as two colliding planets in an

Apocalypse’s arms


I wanted you to come under my spell.

But your magic was far superior to

My own. I was swiftly a sorcerer slain –

A murdered Merlin in the arms of his



But you took pity on this drowning

Alchemist, entangled in scurrilous reeds –

“I did not love you at first,” you said,

“But I have learned to love you now;

And a love that has taken time to brew

Is often stronger than that which

Comes unbidden.”

And it was true, my dear. You were

Tentativity and precaution itself, at first –

But once your love had properly fermented,

And your heart ripened to the fullest majesty

Of fructification, it assaulted me with a ferocity

That singed and scarred me through –

An overdose on an elixir fatal even

To the immortals who made it

I wanted to love everything you loved –

To relive your every experience – to see the

World through your eyes, so I might love and

Understand you better


I wanted to be everything you loved:

If you wanted a tree, I would be the

Soil for your seed – if you wanted a

Bird, I would be its song – if you wanted

To create, I would be your canvas –

If you wanted a new world, I would

Build one for you

Thus, in my ambition to satisfy your

Every desire, I progressed from man to

God, and back again to humble man.

I lost and found you more times

Than I can count – like a planet in an

Unfaltering orbit, I could see just how

Long I would have to wait until our

Interstellar fires would cross paths



So, please do not give up, my darling;

Before you know it, your nights will

Be lost in the cries of screaming children;

Family albums will thicken and build like

Barnacles on the chest of a humpbacked

Whale. There will be rows and car journeys;

First loves, joys, and sorrows, witnessed, cuddled

And reproved – and the soul we thought we lost

Will take root in a happier time

So, do not give up, darling – we

Will keep on trying as bravely and

As stoically as the sun never

Fails to rise.

And in that time I will build an

Unbreakable net that is sure to

Capture all of your dreams