Poem: Making and Unmaking


My mind cannot move for thought of you,

My heart cannot beat for love of you,

My blood cannot flow for want of you,

My hands cannot feel for touch of you,

My lips cannot speak for taste of you


 I thought my monsoon had ended –

I thought this chapter had closed –

I had crossed the bridge,

And called a truce,

In a war I was certain to lose


But the rains were just beginning;

Another Blitzkrieg on my heart;

My days stretching on like empty pages,

Waiting to be filled with words


And, when I leave you, I always

Ask myself the same questions:


Why didn’t I stare into your eyes for longer?

Why didn’t I let my hands flow freer?

Why didn’t I run my fingers through your hair?

Why did I not deluge you in kisses, until the

Coastguard declared you MISSING, and

‘Presumed to be lost at sea?’

The Answer:

For fear of wanting and non-wanting,

In the making and unmaking

Of a heart



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