Poem: Loving In A Small Way


Building upon the light of the past –

And the wealth of cows is the greenness

Of grass – and, though my joints sizzle,

And my muscles are sloughing, I can still

Feel the stirring tremors of heaven, in

Every beautiful warning


I am learning to love in a small way.

I am learning to miniaturize my passion,

So it is no more unwelcome or overwhelming,

Than a single raindrop in spring


For love endures longest in acts of

Smallness – the folding of grass –

In the sparkle of an eyelash –

And the wealth of the heart is

Only sustained by the gathering

In of the small



And, though I can pole-vault to Heaven,

Cutting straight through time with my

Celestial gymnastics, I have become far

Stronger through learning to creep there;

To ascend in steady shuffles



So, I love in a small way –

And, if you can hear the beauty

In what is never quite said, then

You will know exactly what I





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