Poem: Into The Woods


Dare I allow myself to reawaken my dreams?

Dare I allow myself to breathe life into what

I thought had been safely killed?


If my dreams return, let them not return in a

Violent shock, but the gentle flutter of

Re-animated wings – of birds limbering up,

And preparing for spring.


I was quite prepared to confine myself to the

Safest of Stations; to be a mute pillow; a cardiac



But love cannot be held back by a leaky dam –

The work of a self-sabotaging engineer,

Desperate for a flood to spoil his plans


Those waters licked me at first; then swelled into

A deluge, a chthonic mouth, that threatened to

Devour my equanimity – the mask of dispassion

I try to cultivate, to make myself more appealing.


It was all meant to be so simple.

I was just sitting down to meditate.

But then Aphrodite tore off her gloves –

She ripped that sweet little child out of

My chest, and pulled it up to heaven,

Cradling me in her gargantuan arms,



“There, there, there – Mother’s got you:

Only love can hurt you now.”

And I am just a child.

How can I help loving you?

How can I help loving you the way

I do, when every minute flows you into

Your thoughts, and there is not a thing

That could ever exceed you?


Like a natural disaster, this love cannot

Be stopped – like the passion of infinity,

It cannot be brooked.


I feel scared.

And I feel lost.

And I have no clever ruse;

No Trojan horse.


So, I ride into the woods,

To slay all our fears,

So we’ll no longer be afraid

To love.



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