Morchid’s Lament (Nihilist Anthem)


There is always something unpleasant to be shut out,
Cultivate a blind-spot – smother your doubts –
Hold that etherized rag over the lips of your conscience,
For what good can you do anyway?

There is always something to be swept under the rug,
If you don’t like the bug – just kill the bug,
It doesn’t matter if ecologist’s call you a thug,
For what good can they do anyway?

A healthy society is built on repression,
Side effects include: frustration – depression,
Your heart has no need to make a confession,
For what good would it do you anyway?

Medicated entertainment can drown it out,
Help ignore the nuzzle of the long black snout
Belonging to the demon ever sniffing you out,
For what good might you have been anyway?

You’re older now – all past passions are numb,
You have no more feelings to which to succumb,
You could have sung loudly – but you chose to stay dumb,
For what good would it have done anyway?
For what good would you have done anyway?



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