Astro-Diary: Chiron in Aries 2019 (And Past Transits)


Chiron 1

Hello! And welcome to my very first Astro-Report. I am writing this article to commemorate the occurrence of a very significant transit: the entrance of the minor planet Chiron into the zodiacal house of Aries. As Chiron has been in Pisces since February 2011, its departure heralds the ending of a nine-year cycle, and the beginning of a new aeon of fire that will see us through to 2027.

So, what can we expect from this new seismic shift in the stars? Let’s first look at the character and attributes of Chiron, and the effects of his past transits, to have a better impression of what is to come.
Who Is Chiron?

In ancient Grecian myth, Chiron was known as ‘The wisest and justest of all the centaurs.’ While most centaurs were considered savage barbarians, Chiron was noted for his civility and wisdom. As the semi-divine son of Kronos and Philyra, he was the teacher of many great heroes – (Achilles, Jason, Heracles and Perseus, to name a few) – renowned for his polymathic knowledge of music, healing, herbology, astrology, archery, and prophecy. A renaissance centaur if ever there was one!

In many ways, Chiron was far superior to his human counterparts and pupils. He represents the perfect synthesis of human and animal; of using your baser instincts and urges as the foundation for transcendent greatness. He is the recognition that wildness and civility – the Apollonian and Dionysian – do not have to be kept separate, but can be resolved into a perfectly harmonious whole. That we need both of these qualities, not only to be fully human, but to go beyond our humanity, into far stranger realms. Like most therianthropes, Chiron is a shaman, and the lessons he has to give have a distinctly shamanic flavour: that pain and suffering are often the quickest portals to power and wisdom.

It’s also worth noting that, as a physical celestial body, Chiron is a hybrid. Not quite horse, no quite man – not quite planet, nor quite comet, but both. He brings the unexpected together for the bizarrest of fusions. As In myth, so in reality.


Chiron in Astrology

So, if Chiron is all about going beyond, then his zodiacal placement often shows where, or in what way, you are likely to go to extremes; the conventions you flout; the fringes you explore. He is the rebel, the maverick, the pioneer. Energetically, he is redolent of Uranus and Sagittarius. He moves both quickly and deeply. He is a mover and a shaker, and you can expect everything to be radically uprooted when this powerful centaur is on the make.
Significantly, as the most heroic of teachers – (heroes are, by definition, characters who suffer and confront magnificent obstacles to achieve their greatness) – he shows us the areas of life in which our learning and activity will be fast-tracked. He plunges us into wild new adventures; radical new perceptions – leads us into the exciting unknown – steels us to face challenges and trials that at any other time we would not sanely consider, imbuing us with the fiery desire to achieve heroism and greatness in the highlighted field. He makes us willing to encounter suffering; to risk pain and loss for the realization of greatness.
These lessons will often be quick, exciting, shocking and painful. Like an archer manipulating his bow, we will be stretched into shapes and situations we never thought it would be possible to assume. Boundaries will be crossed. What was peripheral and esoteric soon becomes normal and conventional. If we are first shocked at the sight of a centaur as a cryptozoological marvel, by the time Chiron is done with us, seeing a big foot or lake monster cross the road won’t even make us wince.


Chiron is Pisces and Aquarius

To know where we’re going, it helps to reflect on where we’ve been. Chiron’s move into Pisces – (first as a false start in April 2010, then fully in February 2011) – saw a big shift away from Aquarian eccentricity and scientific rationalism, to the twin-fishes’ more mystical and emotionally boundless waters. Allow me to speak from my own life.

Chiron’s transit of Aquarius occupied most of my teen years. Almost overnight – (it now seems in retrospect) – I went from being a well-behaved, sensible, obedient child, to being a parti-coloured wildling. I became a cross-dresser; grew my hair androgynously long; listened to technically demanding prog rock; delighted in exhibiting flamboyantly unconventional behaviour; developed an intense disdain and distrust for all authority figures, while falling in love with maverick, Aquarian writers like James Joyce and William S. Burroughs. I was only interested in pushing intellectual, political, and conventional pursuits to their absolute limits. Having been raised a Christian, I became a staunch atheist and scientific materialist.


All this changed for me when Chiron entered Pisces. While its Aquarian transit taught me many things – not least the importance of defiance – with time, what had once been shocking and new was now stale and dogmatic. Aquarius had hardened me, making me selfish, elitist, unempathic, and excessively left-brained.

Pisces came along and changed all this. All my hard and fast classifications were gradually overwhelmed and broken-down, drenched under a tidal wave of emotionality – emotions I had once ignorantly dismissed as ‘irrational’ and unworthy of attention. My scientific and left-brained rigidity was undermined by a sudden up-surging of sensitivity and paranoia – an awareness of the paranormal, occult, and unexplained – of all that we try to dismiss, that continues to lurk deeply and inexplicably in our minds.

Having been vehemently opposed to the reality of such things, my life became dominated by the intense study and practice of spirituality, religion, meditation, and yoga. Over the following seven years, I cultivated my intuition; learned to enter trance state and generate visions at will; developed an awareness of some of my past lives and greater purpose within the grand scheme of the cosmos, whilst also fast-tracking my study of astrology, myth, dream analysis, and other mystical pursuits.

On the flip-side, I also suffered the consequences of these extremes: major depressions; loss of relationships and close friendships in the face of changing perceptions; severe nervous breakdowns and panic attacks; isolation, loneliness, and suicidal ideation.
As this cycle came to a close, I began to realize that spirituality was not the answer to everything I had initially taken it to be – anymore than science, technology and medicine had been previously. It had to be understood within a greater framework of all the other dimensions of life. That’s why there are twelve zodiacal houses – not just one! No single element or approach is right. We need integrate them all.


Chiron and The Uranian Underworld


I hope that, by illustrating Chiron’s influence over my own life and progress, you are beginning to get an appreciation of how this challenging centaur works. He is Uranian in the sense that he only introduces us to the new by killing the old. To make us into radical novitiates and converts, he first uproots all that has become conditioned and habitual. Only by challenging these things is he able to make massive shifts in our perception. This is often painful, and demands a psychological death of some sorts – cognitive dissonance in the extreme! But that is simply Chiron’s modus operandi. Education is as much about unlearning as it is about learning.

The Wounded Healer

This is where the famous reputation of Chiron as ‘wounded healer’ comes in. Chiron was incurably wounded after being shot by a poison arrow. In spite of his prodigious knowledge of herbology, this great healer could not heal himself. He requested the gods revoke his immortality so he would not have to spend the rest of his life in unceasing pain.



In its transits, this myth shows not only how we must face our mortality, but the mortality of different version of our self; the mortality of our philosophies, beliefs, and ideologies. It is the letting-go, transformation aspect of the centaur; the part of us that must be wounded to let divinity in. Our scars are our history. Chiron teaches us to embrace these scars, and accept them as part of an ever-changing identity. Our Piscean extremes have to be integrated and put to rest to fully let the newness of Aries in.

Chiron in Aries

Aries is the spoiled, but brilliantly lovable child of the Zodiac. As The First House, it represents the self, the ego, our self-image, our public persona and relationship with our body and personal health. It is our desires at their most direct ‘I want it and I want it now’ level. Chiron shifting into Aries will see all of these qualities and issues becoming of paramount importance.


One of the most important Ariens of the last century was the comparative mythologist, Joseph Campbell, whose ultimate dictum was ‘Follow your bliss.’ The next eight years will be about following your bliss – about putting your own fulfilment and quest for meaning above your responsibilities and commitments to others, or finding a harmonious way of reconciling the two. Tradition, duty, and self-sacrifice are likely to go out the window. The only duty will be authenticity – of being one’s full self, utterly and truly.

The buzzwords to look out for are: independence, optimism, impetuosity, adventure, fun, authenticity, positivity, risk-taking, leaps-of-faith, energy, activity, youthfulness, fearlessness, confidence, a go-get ’em attitude etc.

On the other side of the spectrum, the risk factors are: egotism, selfishness, conflict, lack of empathy, refusal to see another’s point of view, impulsiveness, not thinking things through, being non-committal, flakiness, conflict, argumentation, self-gratification, arrogance, shameless self-promotion, people-pleasing, restlessness, naivety, making big demands of others without accepting demands on yourself, inequality of expectation, intolerance etc.
Trends of Chiron in Aries

If you want an idea of what’s to come over the next 8 years, you need only look to the summer of 2018. Between mid-April and mid-September of last year, Chiron entered Aries, before a retrograde cycle pulled it back into Pisces. Think of that period as being a taster session, as what occurred during that time will be expanded upon heavily over the next few years.

My own predictions are this; that we will see a massive rise in polyamory, transsexuality, alternate gender identities – (non-binary, genderfluid, etc.) – and LGBT culture. Issues relating to feminism and gender politics will continue to be agitated. Anti-shaming culture and neo-liberalism will continue to thrive. A sense of Entitlement as a birth-right – (and civil rights activism in general) will be on the rise.

As self-advancement becomes a virtue, the dynamics of relationships will change. People will select partners as a means of achieving personal-freedom and excitement, rejecting traditional notions of compromise and duty. Careers will be chosen over love; freedom over family. Whirlwind romances and flings will take precedence over long-term relationships and saturnine commitment. People will seek out alternative relationship dynamics, hence the advancement of non-monogamy. It will be a good time to become self-employed, start your own business, develop solo projects, etc. However, if you are too impetuous, and totally refuse to co-operate with others, these things may fall through as quickly as they were begun.

Expect to see – (initially, at least) – many break-ups, divorces, and changes of relationship-status as people let go of connections that have becomes stale or out-moded. It will be a good-time for dating and meeting new people; but forming long-term connections may be more difficult (unless very flexible and open).

Personality cults, personal fitness, and self-helps gurus – (particularly those that promise personal gratification/realization) – will flourish. Extravagances in fashion and declarations of identity. A noteworthy time for cinema, branding, comics, photography, and painting/portraiture. At its worst, the superficial may eclipse the deep; and, in contrast to the aggrandisement of social justice warriors, there may be an opposing trend towards dictatorships and racially exclusive nationalism. A lot of excitement – but a lot of naivety too!
That’s all for now! Feel free to message me any questions or queries to

Poem: The Nursery of Pluto


The baby crawled its way out of the corpse,
Feebly making its way through tendons and intestines,
Weeping and necrotic, in this world of black nightmare,
The soft, pink hands, making quick work of ribs,
Snapping them like twigs underfoot

Out there, the ritual continues,
The agents of disinterment
Dance to the tempo of up-shovelled corpse,
Binge-drinking bodily fluids,
And other symbols of the devil’s ejectamenta

Like lice in the furrows of rotting woods,
The baby makes good its moribund mission,
Most of the sternum has collapsed now,
With the pelvis and loins faring little better,
All falling away, like slops of gelatinous pudding,
Yummy ice-cream to nurse an infant

Who put him there?
In this strange cradle, where lungs should be,
A nursery emerges, a whole battalion of infants
None crying, but intent on a purpose,
All magnetized by some invincible direction,
The prospectors and fruit of a new resurrection

Poem: Dionysus Alone


Dionysus sits alone,
Aggrieved of his own vine,
With no more maenads
To tear apart wild animals
In egoless violent delight,
His flesh waits, undevoured,

Divine to no one
Except a resistant part of himself,
He feels the agonizing gnaw,
The flesh where teeth should be,
Blood only flowing with rotten wine,
No lives to spare – just another nine,

The vineyards are the fortune of corpses,
Places where desire can go
To wallow and fester

“Every time you dream of dying,
You actually die,
Every time you dream of flying,
You actually fly”

But in this cocktail of death and flight,
Where love only arrives in tantalizing beartraps,
As a fly drawn to Amanita Muscaria,
I am drawn to you,
The gnashing teeth of demise,
The wanting that only guarantees disappointment,

And when Dionysus experiences anhedonia,
You forget the meaning of enjoyment

Poem: The Giantess


The train is a mouth filled with bodies,
A woman so thin, a twist of the wind
Could snip her spine. Amidst this melee,
The throng of half-digested humans,
Coursing, unsalivated, down a metal throat,
Takes me back to a dream of yesternight,
Beholding my miniature in utter abjection,

Out there, among the mountains,
I beheld her – a Giantess –
Thighs thick as redwoods,
Hips carving fissures in the wombs of valleys,
Her belly a promise of sugar-softened night,
Her breasts the haven where I sought rest,
The resting place of heaven’s talons

I wanted her to see me,
To spy me through the pines,
Peeping tom on an industrial scale,
Voyeur windswept by wood and lichen,
Head filled with planets, and astrolabes,
An inferiority eclipsed
By your magnificent size

How could I become part of that?
Merge with the mountain?
Over the strength of stars and nebulae,
Eyes engage in a dance
Of potent stillness,
With more anticipation in a single stare
Than you’ve felt in your entire life

I knew better than to look away

Over the backdrop of snowy escarpments,
Birds softened by your silence,
All deadened by the dread of your destruction,
I could only look,
Hope to be seen,
Hope not to be seen,
A Lestrygonian on holiday,
Indifferent to weak human meat

But never quite meeting,
No Hieros Gamos,
Just the charge of potential,
Igniting over valleys,
And the inevitable depression
Of awaiting detonation

Walk on giantess,
I’ll keep sleepwalking,
And hope to stumble into your heart
Or else crushed to death by your feet